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Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

An account creating is completely free

Not so. It is an added advantage.

From the Facebook page, we offer free advertising for areas where your business needs to be.

All customers; It can be easily and conveniently used for accounting, such as dates, areas.

You can work for any purpose, including order orders from anywhere.

While it is best to have a computer, a mobile phone or a Tab can do all the work

Not at all. Having the basic knowledge is an added advantage but we will provide all the knowledge you need for free.

It costs very little data.

No. Having a vehicle is an added convenience, but the customer can get to the business station or get transportation to another company.

It is possible to link several of your businesses or branches of the same business at once. You can also get individual or general status reports on each business.

Frequently Asked Questions for Customer

You can get all the information about your district, its major cities and all of the major business centers around those cities.

It is No. This is a completely free service for you.

There is no need to pay before purchasing.

You can order a prescription or a list of needed items to get medication or any item.